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“The Right Stuff” is a historical drama television series based on the 1979 book of the same name by Tom Wolfe. It first premiered on the streaming service Disney+ in October 2020. The series is a reimagining of the 1983 film adaptation of the book and explores the early days of the United States space program and the Mercury Seven astronauts.

Set during the 1960s, “The Right Stuff” follows the lives of the seven test pilots who are selected by NASA to become the first American astronauts. The series delves into the personal and professional challenges faced by these pioneering astronauts as they train and prepare to journey into space. It also explores the intense competition among the astronauts, as well as the public fascination and pressure surrounding the space race with the Soviet Union.

The main characters in “The Right Stuff” include:

  1. John Glenn (played by Patrick J. Adams) – A talented and charismatic pilot who becomes one of America’s most beloved astronauts.

  2. Alan Shepard (played by Jake McDorman) – The confident and ambitious first American in space.

  3. Gus Grissom (played by Michael Trotter) – A skilled pilot who faces adversity during the early space program.

  4. Deke Slayton (played by Micah Stock) – One of the original Mercury Seven astronauts who later becomes NASA’s chief astronaut.

  5. Gordon Cooper (played by Colin O’Donoghue) – A talented and daring pilot with a rebellious streak.

  6. Scott Carpenter (played by James Lafferty) – An adventurous and outgoing astronaut.

  7. Wally Schirra (played by Aaron Staton) – A skilled pilot with a sense of humor.

“The Right Stuff” is praised for its historical accuracy, attention to detail, and strong performances from its cast. It provides an insightful and compelling look into the lives of these real-life heroes and the immense challenges they faced in their quest to become the first Americans in space.

Additional Details:

  • Official Page
  • Year of Debut: 2020
  • Year of Finale: 2021
  • Type of Series: Live-Action
  • TV Channel/Platform: Disney+


  • Jake McDorman: Alan Shepard
  • Michael Trotter: Gus Grissom
  • Patrick J. Adams: John Glenn
  • James Lafferty: Scott Carpenter
  • Aaron Staton: Wally Schirra
  • Colin O’Donoghue: Gordon Cooper
  • Micah Stock: Deke Slayton
  • Sacha Seberg: Wernher Von Braun
  • Jordan Woods-Robinson: Mike Turley
  • Shannon Lucio: Louise Shepard
  • Rachel Burttram: Betty Grissom
  • Nora Zehetner: Annie Glenn
  • Jade Albany Pietrantonio: Rene Carpenter
  • Laura Ault: Jo Schirra
  • Eloise Mumford: Trudy Cooper
  • Chandler Head: Cam Cooper
  • Lucy Capri: Janita Cooper
  • Taegan Burns: Laura Shepard
  • Avery Burns: Julie Shepard
  • Kyra Johnson: Lyn Glenn
  • David Bolinger: David Glenn
  • Victoria White: Marge Slayton
  • Christopher Cassarino: Henry Landwirth
  • Josh Cooke: Loudon Wainwright Jr.
  • Patrick Fischler: Bob Gilruth
  • Mamie Gummer: Jerrie Cobb
  • Eric Ladin: Chris Kraft
  • Jordan Blair Brown: Eunice
  • Travis Herald: Military Private
  • Jackson Pace: Glynn Lunney
  • Kaley Ronayne: Dee O’Hara
  • Danny Strong: John A. Powers
  • Elizabeth D’Onofrio: Doris


  • Director: Andrew Bernstein, Nick Copus, Chris Long, John David Coles and Louise Friedberg
  • Writers: Tom Wolfe and Will Staples
  • Executive Producers: Will Staples, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Mark Lafferty, Lizzie Mickery and Howard Korder

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