The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon

Last Updated on: March 4th, 2023

The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show (Disney Afternoon Show)

“The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon” is an animated television series that originally aired on Disney Channel from 1995 to 1996. Created by Bill Kopp, the show is a collection of comedic shorts featuring various characters, but the main segments focus on the misadventures of two characters named Shnookums, a hyperactive cat, and Meat, a dim-witted dog.

The series is an anthology of animated shorts that follows the slapstick escapades of Shnookums and Meat, who often find themselves in humorous and absurd situations. Shnookums is energetic, impulsive, and full of mischief, while Meat is good-natured but not the brightest of characters, leading to hilarious misunderstandings and comical chaos.

Apart from the Shnookums and Meat segments, the show also includes other comedic shorts featuring different characters, such as “Pith Possum: Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow,” “Tex Tinstar: The Best in the West,” “Fibber Fox,” and “Katie Ka-Boom.” Each segment has its unique style of humor and storytelling.

“The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon” is known for its fast-paced and zany humor, reminiscent of classic animated slapstick comedies. It combines physical gags, witty dialogue, and exaggerated character traits to entertain both children and adults.

While “The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon” had a short run on Disney Channel, it left an impression on fans who enjoyed its offbeat and comedic charm. It remains a nostalgic piece of 1990s animation and is sometimes remembered fondly by viewers who watched it during its original broadcast.

Additional Details:

  • Year of Debut: 1995
  • Year of Finale: 1995
  • Type of Series: Animated
  • TV Channel/Platform: Disney Afternoon
  • IMDB Link


  • Jason Marsden: Shnookums
  • Frank Welker: Meat
  • Charlie Adler: Chafe
  • Jeff Bennett: Pith Possum, Peter Possum, Tex Tinstar
  • Corey Burton: Ian, Percy Lacedaisy, Krusty Rustknuckle
  • Jim Cummings: Narrator, Dr. Paul Bunion, Mr. Kane
  • Brad Garrett: Commissioner Stress, Wrongo
  • Jess Harnell: Lieutenant Tension, Floyd the Insane Rattlesnake, Polite Coyotes
  • Steve Mackall: Husband
  • Tress MacNeille: Wife
  • April Winchell: Doris Deer
  • Patric Zimmerman: Obediah the Wonder Raccoon
  • Billy West: France Bug

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