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Last Updated on: April 1st, 2024

“Canada Far and Wide” is a 360-degree cinematic presentation located within the Canada Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida. This attraction is part of the larger World Showcase in Epcot and offers guests an immersive and scenic journey through the diverse landscapes and culture of Canada.

“Canada Far and Wide” is a film attraction that provides guests with a visual and sensory exploration of Canada’s natural beauty and cultural richness. The experience is designed to be both entertaining and educational, allowing visitors to gain a deeper appreciation for this vast and diverse country.

The attraction is housed in the Canada Pavilion’s theater, which features a massive, 360-degree seamless screen. The film takes advantage of this unique format to provide an immersive viewing experience, with stunning high-definition visuals that showcase Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, from the rugged Rocky Mountains to the serene coastlines and vibrant cities.

Narrated by Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, the film weaves together a narrative that celebrates Canada’s history, culture, and people. It highlights iconic landmarks such as Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, and the bustling streets of Vancouver and Toronto. The soundtrack features a beautiful score that complements the visuals and adds to the emotional resonance of the presentation.

One of the standout features of “Canada Far and Wide” is its use of Circle-Vision 360 technology, which allows for seamless panoramic views in every direction. This technology immerses guests in the scenes, making them feel like they are part of the Canadian landscape.

Before or after the film, guests can explore the Canada Pavilion, which includes the charming Le Cellier Steakhouse restaurant, souvenir shops, and architectural details that evoke the Canadian spirit. The pavilion offers a sense of the country’s culture and heritage.

“Canada Far and Wide” is a beautiful and informative addition to the World Showcase at Epcot, providing visitors with a virtual journey to Canada’s natural wonders and cultural diversity. It’s a must-see attraction for those looking to experience the unique character of Canada within the magical setting of Walt Disney World Resort.

Canada Far and Wide Disney World Show

Canada Far and Wide Disney World Show

Fun Facts

  • “Canada Far and Wide” is a 360-degree film presentation located in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase.
  • The film is a continuation of the original “O Canada!” attraction and showcases the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Canada.
  • The film features stunning cinematography, including scenes from various provinces and territories, showcasing Canada’s landscapes and landmarks.
  • It includes the iconic Martin Short as the comedic host, who provides an entertaining and informative commentary throughout the film.
  • The attraction allows guests to appreciate Canada’s rich heritage, from its indigenous cultures to its modern cities and breathtaking national parks.

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