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Last Updated on: April 20th, 2024

Choza de Margarita epcotChoza de Margarita is a popular outdoor refreshment stand located in the Mexico Pavilion within the World Showcase at EPCOT. It offers guests a delightful selection of margaritas, snacks, and beverages with a Mexican flair.

The name “Choza de Margarita” translates to “Margarita Hut” in English, and it perfectly captures the essence of this vibrant and festive location. The stand features a colorful and inviting atmosphere that reflects the lively spirit of Mexico.

At Choza de Margarita, guests can enjoy a variety of handcrafted margaritas made with high-quality tequila, fresh ingredients, and unique flavors. The menu offers classic margarita options like the Frozen Lime Margarita, as well as specialty margaritas such as the Mango Loco and the Fiesta Margarita. Non-alcoholic frozen beverages and other refreshing non-alcoholic options are also available.

Fun Facts

  • “Choza de Margarita” is a vibrant and colorful outdoor bar located in the Mexico Pavilion of EPCOT’s World Showcase.
  • It specializes in serving a variety of margaritas, including classic and unique flavors, making it a popular spot for margarita enthusiasts.
  • The drink menu features options like the “Avocado Margarita” and the “Mango Smoky Margarita,” offering a range of exciting taste experiences.
  • Guests can also enjoy traditional Mexican snacks and appetizers, such as guacamole and tacos, to complement their drinks.
  • The ambiance of Choza de Margarita includes lively music and a festive atmosphere, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Mexican culture while sipping on refreshing margaritas.

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