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Last Updated on: June 21st, 2024

Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Disneyland)
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Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a beloved classic attraction at Disneyland, enchanting visitors of all ages with its whimsical charm and iconic flying elephants. Located in Fantasyland, this timeless ride is inspired by Disney’s animated film, “Dumbo,” and allows guests to take to the skies alongside the lovable baby elephant on a magical adventure.

The centerpiece of Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a beautifully designed carousel featuring a squadron of Dumbo-shaped ride vehicles. Each vehicle is adorned with vibrant colors and a smiling Dumbo, making it instantly recognizable and incredibly photogenic. The ride’s enchanting soundtrack and circus-themed ambiance transport visitors to the heart of the movie.

As you board your own Dumbo, you’ll have the power to control the ride’s ascent and descent by maneuvering a lever inside the vehicle. This interactive element allows guests to control how high or low their Dumbo soars as they enjoy breathtaking views of Fantasyland below. The sensation of flying is one of the highlights of the experience, especially for young children who can truly feel like they’re soaring through the air with Dumbo.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a must-visit for families and fans of Disney’s classic tales. The ride’s gentle, circular motion and whimsical theming make it accessible to all age groups, making it an excellent choice for parents with young children. The queue area is also charming, featuring a big top circus tent and a play area to keep little ones entertained while waiting for their turn to take flight.

This iconic attraction captures the essence of Disney magic, offering a delightful experience that continues to enchant generations of visitors. Whether it’s your first visit to Disneyland or a return trip down memory lane, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a heartwarming journey that reminds us all that dreams can come true, just like they did for Dumbo in the classic Disney film.

Fun Facts

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant is an iconic Disneyland attraction located in Fantasyland. It has been a beloved ride since the park’s opening in 1955, making it one of the original attractions of Disneyland.
  • The ride is based on Disney’s 1941 animated film “Dumbo,” and allows guests to soar in the air aboard Dumbo-themed ride vehicles, which are modeled after the titular character.
  • Each Dumbo vehicle is equipped with a lever that lets riders control how high or low they fly, giving a sense of flying just like Dumbo does in the movie, which is particularly thrilling for younger riders.
  • In 2019, the ride underwent a significant refurbishment. This included the addition of a new, more vibrant color scheme for the Dumbos and an updated queue area to improve the guest experience.
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant is not only a staple in Disneyland but has been replicated in every Disney theme park around the world, testament to its enduring popularity and appeal across generations.

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