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Last Updated on: May 25th, 2024

ImageWorks The What-If Labs (Disney World)

ImageWorks: The What-If Labs was a unique and interactive attraction located in the Imagination! pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. The attraction allowed guests to explore the creative world of imagination through various interactive exhibits and experiences.

Originally known as the “ImageWorks: Journey Into Imagination,” this attraction opened in 1983 along with the original Journey Into Imagination ride. It was designed to be an extension of the ride, providing guests with an opportunity to play and experiment with various sensory and creative activities after experiencing the imaginative journey of the ride.

The ImageWorks attraction was known for its innovative and interactive exhibits that encouraged guests to use their imagination and engage in hands-on experiences. Some of the notable features of the What-If Labs included:

  1. Figment’s Coloring Book: Guests could color various images of Figment, the mischievous and lovable purple dragon, on digital screens.
  2. Stepping Tones: A floor-based interactive exhibit that produced different musical tones as guests stepped on different squares.
  3. Magic Palette: An interactive station where guests could use a digital palette to create colorful virtual paintings.
  4. Image Warp: A fun exhibit that allowed guests to distort and manipulate their own images using special cameras.
  5. Rainbow Corridor: A hallway with colorful lighting effects that changed as guests walked through it.

ImageWorks: The What-If Labs was designed to inspire creativity and spark the imagination of guests of all ages. It was a place where families could come together and play, engaging in imaginative activities and discovering the joy of exploration.

Over the years, ImageWorks underwent changes and updates, and certain features were added or modified. However, in 1999, the original Journey Into Imagination ride and the ImageWorks attraction closed for a major refurbishment, and when it reopened, the ImageWorks component was scaled down significantly.

ImageWorks The What-If Labs Disney World

Fun Facts

  • ImageWorks was originally on the second floor of the Imagination pavilion. It closed and moved to its current location in 1998- the first time Journey Into Imagination was updated.
  • The entrance to the Disney Vacation Club member lounge is in the ImageWorks shop.
  • The attraction has a full gift shop attached to it. This shop is a great place to find unique and hard-to-find figment products.

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