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Last Updated on: March 30th, 2024

Main Street Cinema - Extinct Disney WorldSimilar to its counterpart in Disneyland, Disney World’s Main Street Cinema was once a working movie theater attraction. It operated as a theater from the Magic Kingdom’s open in 1971 until 1998, when it became a gift shop.

Currently, an Art of Disney store occupies this space and still contains a movie screen in the rear of the store that  often shows old Disney movie clips.

Main Street Cinema - Extinct Disney World

Fun Facts

  1. Original Disneyland Replica: The Main Street Cinema in Magic Kingdom was designed as a replica of the original attraction at Disneyland in California. While the Disneyland version primarily showed Disney classics in a quaint cinema setting, the Magic Kingdom’s version also aimed to recreate the early 20th-century cinema experience, albeit with variations in its operational history and content.
  2. Changing Content and Purpose: Originally, Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom showcased classic Disney animated shorts, much like its Disneyland counterpart. However, over the years, it transitioned from a place to watch Disney shorts to a retail space, reflecting changes in guest behavior and park strategy. This transition marked a significant shift in how the space was utilized, moving away from its original purpose as an attraction.
  3. Rare Films and First Appearances: The cinema often featured some of Disney’s earliest works, including appearances by Mickey Mouse in classics like “Steamboat Willie,” which was one of the first cartoons with synchronized sound. This offered guests a unique opportunity to see where Disney animation started and how it evolved over the years.

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