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Last Updated on: March 28th, 2024

Magic Kingdom Plaza Swan Boats | Extinct Disney World AttractionsThe Swan Boats were electronically-guided boats that took guests around the hub of the Magic Kingdom starting near the park’s Main Street USA section. They were removed in 1983.

The boats traveled the waterways in front of the castle with the launch to the right of the castle hub midway between the two pathways to Tomorrowland.

Guests could embark on a serene boat ride around the canals of the Magic Kingdom, offering a unique perspective of the park’s scenery. The boats, adorned with elegant swan figures at the stern, provided a peaceful and scenic experience. The attraction was retired, but it remains a nostalgic memory for those who had the chance to enjoy it.

Magic Kingdom Plaza Swan Boats | Extinct Disney World Attractions

Fun Facts

  1. Inspiration from Walt Disney’s Love for Miniatures: The Swan Boats were inspired by Walt Disney’s affection for miniatures and detailed models. Walt Disney was known for his fascination with miniatures, which played a significant role in the design and conceptualization of many Disney parks and attractions. The Swan Boats, with their delicate design and graceful navigation through the Magic Kingdom’s waterways, were a reflection of this interest.
  2. Custom-Designed Boats: The Swan Boats were custom-designed for use in the Magic Kingdom. They were named after the swans that grace the waters of the park’s moats and lagoons. Each boat was adorned with a swan figurehead at the bow, adding to their elegant appearance and theme.
  3. Unique Route Through the Magic Kingdom: The boats took guests on a serene journey around the Cinderella Castle moat and through various waterways in the park. Notably, they navigated through the canals of Adventureland, offering unique views of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and other attractions. This route provided guests with a different perspective of the Magic Kingdom, showcasing the park’s landscaping and thematic design from the water.

Magic Kingdom Plaza Swan Boats | Extinct Disney World Attractions

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