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Last Updated on: February 1st, 2023

Here is everything you need to know about Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island attraction including history, fun facts, photos and more. I hope you find this listing informative and helpful!

Tom Sawyer Island | Disney World Description

Tom Sawyer Island disney worldOn Tom Sawyer Island, brave an adventure all your own at this rustic, secret hideaway inspired by the stories of Mark Twain.

Journey by log raft across the Rivers of America and discover an idyllic place influenced by the works of Mark Twain. Arrive at Tom’s Landing and embark on a self-guided expedition into the heart of early America.

Wander dusty dirt roads lined with sycamore and oak trees and amble across creaky suspension bridges. Navigate narrow passages amid secret mined caves and uncover an age-old fort. Along the way, follow in the pioneering footsteps of the frontier’s early settlers, during an era when Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer reflected an America coming into its own.

Pick Your Path
You’ll find adventure aplenty around every corner of Tom Sawyer Island. During your tour, be on the lookout for some of these legendary sites:

  • Harper’s Mill 
    Behold a giant waterwheel on the outside, and an homage to one of Disney’s earliest animated films, The Old Mill, inside.
  • Injun Joe’s Cave 
    Trek through the tight rocky passageways of this forgotten cavern, where strange fossils and jetting stalagmites mingle with a haunted pit.
  • Fort Langhorn 
    Explore this early frontier settlement, which includes a blacksmith shop, a watch tower, stables and an escape tunnel.
  • Potter’s Mill 
    Cross a crooked bridge to this wooden mill that offers a picturesque view of the Rivers of America and Frontierland.
  • Tom Sawyer Scavage Fort 
    March over a small bridge, slide through a tube and enjoy the view from this fort designed for children under 12 years of age.

Along the way, easy-to-read maps ensure you always know where you are during your island adventure. (source)

Tom Sawyer Island | Disney World Fun Facts

  • The island is completely man-made
  • The attraction did NOT open with the Magic Kingdom in 1971. It actually opened close to 2 years later in 1973.

Tom Sawyer Island | Disney World Details

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