Magic Kingdom Frontierland

Last Updated on: January 21st, 2024

Disney World Magic Kingdom Frontierland

Frontierland is one of the themed lands found within the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is designed to resemble a western frontier town, and it features attractions and experiences that are inspired by the American Old West. Frontierland is known for its rugged, authentic and adventurous atmosphere.

Attractions in Frontierland include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster that takes guests on a journey through an abandoned mine, and Splash Mountain, a log flume ride that takes guests on a journey through the world of the Disney’s Song of the South. Tom Sawyer Island, an island that guests can explore and discover, is also located in Frontierland.

Frontierland is also home to the Country Bear Jamboree, an indoor theater that features a show with singing animatronic bears, and the Frontierland Shooting Arcade, a shooting gallery where guests can test their skills.

The area also features a variety of shops and dining options, such as Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, which serves up tasty snacks, and the Frontier Trading Post, which offers a variety of Disney-themed merchandise. Frontierland is a great stop for visitors looking to experience the thrill of adventure, to enjoy a western-inspired setting and to find a special souvenir to remember their trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Here is your complete guide to each of the rides, attractions, restaurants and shows, past and present in Walt Disney World’s Frontierland area of the Magic Kingdom.

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