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World of Motion was a classic attraction that once graced EPCOT Center, now known as EPCOT, in Walt Disney World Resort. Opened on October 1, 1982, as part of the park’s original lineup, World of Motion took guests on a whimsical and educational journey through the history of transportation.

The attraction was housed in a distinctively designed pavilion featuring a massive “Wheel of Transportation” rotating on the building’s facade. Inside, guests boarded Omnimover vehicles that guided them through scenes depicting the evolution of transportation methods, from ancient times to the modern age.

World of Motion employed innovative audio-animatronic figures, elaborate sets, and entertaining storytelling to showcase the advancements in transportation. It humorously highlighted how people and societies had always sought better and more efficient ways to move, from the invention of the wheel to the development of steam engines and automobiles.

The ride’s witty and engaging narration was provided by the beloved voice actor, Gary Owens, who took guests on a journey through various historical eras, emphasizing the interconnectedness of transportation and human progress.

One of the most memorable scenes was the “Futurama” segment, where guests were whisked into a utopian future, envisioning fantastical modes of transportation and even personal flying cars.

In 1996, after a long and beloved run, World of Motion closed its doors to make way for a new attraction. Its successor, “Test Track,” which opened in 1999, retained the automotive theme but introduced a more futuristic and thrilling experience, placing guests in the driver’s seat for a high-speed test run.

While World of Motion may be a part of EPCOT’s history, its spirit of celebrating the progress of transportation and innovation lives on in the park’s ever-evolving vision to inspire and entertain guests with the wonders of human achievement and imagination.

Fun Facts

  1. The pavilion was sponsored by General Motors and showcased the history of transportation, from the earliest forms of travel to the future of mobility.
  2. The World of Motion ride was a slow-moving omnimover attraction, which took guests on a tour through different eras of transportation and showcased the evolution of the automobile.
  3. The ride was known for its innovative use of Audio-Animatronics technology, which brought to life a variety of characters and scenes, including a futuristic city and a humorous portrayal of the history of transportation.
  4. World of Motion was also home to the Innoventions exhibit, which showcased new technology and offered interactive experiences that showcased the latest innovations in transportation and other fields.
  5. The pavilion was designed to resemble a futuristic city and was known for its sleek and modern architecture, which was in keeping with the cutting-edge technology and innovation that it showcased.

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