Fun And Fancy Free

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Fun And Fancy Free (1947 Movie)

“Fun and Fancy Free” is a classic animated anthology film produced by Walt Disney and released in 1947. It consists of two separate stories, “Bongo” and “Mickey and the Beanstalk,” which are both introduced by Jiminy Cricket, voiced by Cliff Edwards.

  1. Bongo: The first segment tells the story of a circus bear named Bongo who escapes and tries to adapt to life in the wild. Bongo falls in love with a female bear named Lulubelle, but he must face challenges and prove his bravery to win her heart.

  2. Mickey and the Beanstalk: The second segment features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy living in a world where they are impoverished and hungry. They discover that they possess a magical beanstalk that leads to a giant’s castle in the sky. In the castle, they find treasures and face off against a giant named Willie.

Both stories are framed within the context of a gathering at a house, where Jiminy Cricket entertains two young children, Jenny and Edgar, and other toys and dolls come to life to enjoy the storytelling.

“Fun and Fancy Free” was released during World War II, which had interrupted Disney’s production schedule and forced the studio to make shorter films. The film received positive reviews upon its release and was praised for its animation, music, and entertaining storytelling. It is often seen as a charming and nostalgic entry in Disney’s classic animation library.

The film’s legacy includes popular characters like Bongo and Lulubelle, as well as the endearing rendition of “Mickey and the Beanstalk” with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. “Fun and Fancy Free” remains a beloved classic, loved by Disney fans of all ages.

Fun Facts

  1. The film was originally planned as two separate feature films, but due to budget constraints and other factors, the decision was made to combine the two stories into one film.
  2. The voice of Bongo is provided by singer and actor Dinah Shore, who was a popular radio and television personality at the time.
  3. The role of Mickey Mouse was originally going to be voiced by Walt Disney himself, but he ultimately decided to let Jimmy MacDonald take on the role.
  4. The film was not a commercial success when it was first released, but it has since become a beloved classic and is often shown on television during the holiday season.
  5. “Fun and Fancy Free” was the last Disney animated feature film to be released during World War II, as the studio shifted its focus to producing educational and propaganda films for the war effort.
Fun And Fancy Free

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 1947
  • Type of Movie: Animated
  • Box Office: $2.4 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Edgar Bergen: himself, Charlie McCarthy, and Mortimer Snerd
  • Luana Patten: herself
  • Dinah Shore: singer, narrator of Bongo
  • Cliff Edwards: Jiminy Cricket
  • Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse
  • Clarence Nash: Donald Duck
  • Pinto Colvig: Goofy
  • Billy Gilbert: Willie the Giant
  • Anita Gordon: singing harp
  • The King’s Men: Happy Valley crows


  • Directors: Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts, Hamilton Luske and William Morgan
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Writers: Homer Brightman, Eldon Dedini, Lance Nolley, Tom Oreb, Harry Reeves and Ted Sears
  • Music: Oliver Wallace, Paul Smith, Eliot Daniel and Charles Wolcott

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