Herbie Rides Again

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Herbie Rides Again (1974 Movie)“Herbie Rides Again” is a comedy film released in 1974, and it is the sequel to the popular Disney film “The Love Bug” (1968). Directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney Productions, the film follows the adventures of Herbie, a lovable Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.

The story revolves around Mrs. Steinmetz (played by Helen Hayes), an elderly woman who is facing eviction from her home by the unscrupulous Alonzo Hawk (played by Keenan Wynn). Hawk plans to demolish her house and build a skyscraper in its place. Feeling helpless, Mrs. Steinmetz is surprised when Herbie comes to her aid, and together with her grandson, Willoughby Whitfield (played by Ken Berry), they take on Alonzo Hawk to save her home.

Herbie, with his mischievous yet magical qualities, proves to be a formidable ally as he outsmarts Hawk and his attempts to stop them. The film features humorous situations, car chases, and comical interactions between the characters, making it an entertaining family-friendly movie.

“Herbie Rides Again” received a positive response from audiences and critics alike. It capitalized on the success of its predecessor and further solidified Herbie as an endearing and iconic character in Disney’s film history.

The film’s success also led to more sequels and spin-offs featuring the beloved anthropomorphic car, including “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo” (1977), “Herbie Goes Bananas” (1980), and “The Love Bug” (1997), which was a made-for-television movie.

Overall, “Herbie Rides Again” is a delightful and charming film that continues to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, showcasing the timeless appeal of a car with a personality and a heartwarming story of friendship, perseverance, and triumph against all odds.

Fun Facts

  • “Herbie Rides Again” is the second film in the “Herbie the Love Bug” series and was released in 1974. In this movie, Herbie comes to the aid of a woman named Mrs. Steinmetz, who is being threatened by a corrupt property developer.
  • The film features the return of Helen Hayes as Mrs. Steinmetz, who plays a central role in the story. Helen Hayes won an Academy Award for her performance in the film, making her the first person to win an Oscar for a Disney film.
  • “Herbie Rides Again” marked the debut of Herbie’s iconic number “53” on the car’s hood. This number became synonymous with Herbie and is recognized by Disney fans worldwide as the Love Bug’s unique identifier.
Herbie Rides Again

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $38.2 million
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  • Helen Hayes: Mrs. Steinmetz
  • Ken Berry: Willoughby Whitfield
  • Stefanie Powers: Nicole Harris Whitfield
  • John McIntire: Mr. Judson
  • Keenan Wynn: Alonzo A. Hawk
  • Huntz Hall: Judge
  • Ivor Barry: Maxwell – Chauffeur
  • Vito Scotti: Taxi Driver
  • Liam Dunn: Doctor
  • Elaine Devry: Millicent – Secretary
  • Chuck McCann: Fred Loostgarten
  • Richard X. Slattery: Traffic Commissioner
  • Don Pedro Colley: Barnsdorf
  • Larry J. Blake: Police Officer
  • Iggie Wolfington: Lawyer – Second Team
  • Jack Manning: Lawyer – First Team
  • Hal Baylor: Demolition Truck Driver
  • Herb Vigran: Window Washer
  • Edward Ashley: Announcer at Chicken Race
  • Beverly Carter: Chicken Run Queen
  • Norm Grabowski: Security Guard #2
  • Irwin Charone: Lawyer – Second Team
  • Gail Bonney: Rich Woman in Mansion
  • Burt Mustin: Rich Man in Mansion
  • John Myhers: Announcer at San Francisco’s Office of the President
  • John Stephenson: Lawyer – Second Team
  • Robert Carson: Lawyer – First Team
  • Raymond Bailey: Lawyer – Second Team
  • Arthur Space: Beach Caretaker
  • John Hubbard: Angry Chauffeur
  • Fritz Feld: Maitre d’
  • Alvy Moore: Angry Taxi Driver
  • Karl Lukas: Angry Construction Worker
  • Paul Micale: Fisherman’s Wharf Waiter
  • John Zaremba: Lawyer – First Team
  • Alan Carney: Judge with Cigar at Chicken Run
  • Ken Sansom: Lawyer – First Team
  • Maurice Marsac: French Waiter


  • Director: Robert Stevenson
  • Producer: Bill Walsh
  • Music: George Bruns

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