Disney World To Begin Selling Single Day Dining Plans

Published on 1/9/17 by Craig Smith

Disney recently announced that beginning this Thursday, January 12th, through February 22nd, they will be offering very limited-scope on day dining plans at the Magic Kingdom.

disney single day dining

Photo by HarshLight

The new $29 plans are called Disney Dine-on-the-Go Meal Packs and consist of 2 Adult Quick Services meal passes (one to be used pre 4pm and one for after 4pm). These Quick Service passes are good for an entrée and non-alcoholic beverage each. There are also meal passes available for children available, ages 3-9, for $12.

For the time being, this program will only be available for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom during this limited time. It is unclear what will happen after February 22nd. In the meantime, if you are heading over to the Magic Kingdom for a day, this is a great way to save on food. You burn a ton of calories walking around the park all day and Disney food can be very expensive. Disney estimates these Dine-on-the-Go Meal Packs will save visitors up to 20% per adult.

The following restaurants will be accepting Dine-on-the-Go Quick Service passes:

Disney Dine-on-the-Go Meal Packs can be purchased at Vacation Planning booths in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Of course, as with all Disney deals and offers, they are subject to change at any time without Disney notification, so always check the Disney website before planning a trip. More info can be found here.