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Last Updated on: January 21st, 2024

Here is everything you need to know about the amazing Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom including history, reviews, fun facts, photos and more. I hope you find this listing informative and helpful!

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What is Pinocchio Village Haus?

Pinocchio Village Haus (Disney World)

Pinocchio Village Haus is a quick-service dining location at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida. The restaurant is located in Fantasyland and is themed after the famous Disney movie “Pinocchio.”

The menu at Pinocchio Village Haus features a variety of Italian-inspired dishes, including flatbread pizzas, pasta dishes, and sandwiches. One of the most popular items on the menu is the flatbread pizza, which comes in a variety of flavors such as pepperoni, sausage, and margherita. The restaurant also offers a kids’ menu with smaller portions and kid-friendly options like chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

In addition to its food offerings, Pinocchio Village Haus is known for its unique theming, which includes decor inspired by the movie “Pinocchio.” The restaurant features a large mural of scenes from the movie, as well as various props and decorations that transport visitors into the world of the beloved film.

Overall, Pinocchio Village Haus is a great place to stop for a quick and satisfying meal while exploring Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. Its delicious Italian-inspired menu and charming theming make it a popular dining destination for visitors of all ages.

Pinocchio Village Haus Fun Facts

  • Pinocchio Village Haus is an opening day restaurant. 50+ years of operation and still going strong!
  • The restaurant features windows over looking the launch area of It’s a Small World.
  • There is an often overlooked outdoor balcony with seating on the second floor.

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