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“Cory in the House” is a live-action comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel from January 12, 2007, to September 12, 2008. The show is a spin-off of the popular Disney Channel series “That’s So Raven.”

The series follows the character Cory Baxter (played by Kyle Massey), who moves to Washington, D.C., with his father Victor Baxter (played by Rondell Sheridan). Victor has taken a new job as the official White House chef, leading to the Baxter family’s residence in the White House.

“Cory in the House” centers around Cory’s misadventures as he adjusts to life in the White House and navigates the challenges of being a teenager in a high-profile political environment. Cory becomes friends with the President’s daughter, Sophie Martinez (played by Madison Pettis), and her friends, Meena Paroom (played by Maiara Walsh) and Newt Livingston (played by Jason Dolley).

The show combines comedy, friendship, and family themes, as Cory often finds himself in humorous situations while trying to make a positive impact in the White House and forging new friendships.

As the first Disney Channel series to be set in the White House, “Cory in the House” provides a unique and entertaining perspective on life in the political world, albeit with a lighthearted and comedic tone.

The series was well-received by Disney Channel’s young audience and retained the humor and charm of its predecessor, “That’s So Raven.” The character of Cory Baxter, originally introduced in “That’s So Raven,” became a fan-favorite, and “Cory in the House” allowed viewers to see his continued adventures and growth in a new setting.

While “Cory in the House” ran for two seasons, it remains a nostalgic favorite for those who enjoyed the comedic escapades of Cory Baxter and his White House adventures. The show’s enduring popularity has made it a beloved part of Disney Channel’s history and a cherished memory for viewers who grew up watching the series.

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  • Kyle Massey: Cory Baxter
  • Jason Dolley: Newt Livingston
  • Maiara Walsh: Malara Walsh
  • Madison Pettis: Sophie Martinez
  • John D’Aquino: President Martinez
  • Rondell Sheridan: Victor Baxter


  • Creators: Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren

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