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Gargoyles (Disney Afternoon Show)

“Gargoyles” is an animated television series that aired from 1994 to 1997. The show was created by Greg Weisman and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It gained a dedicated fan base and is considered a cult classic among animated series.

The series combines elements of fantasy, action, drama, and mythology. It follows a group of gargoyles, mythical creatures that turn to stone during the day and come to life at night to protect their castle and the people of New York City.

The story begins in medieval Scotland, where the gargoyles are betrayed by humans and cursed to remain in stone form until their castle rises above the clouds. In modern times, billionaire David Xanatos moves the castle to the top of his skyscraper, inadvertently awakening the gargoyles.

Led by Goliath, the noble and wise gargoyle, the clan adapts to their new surroundings in New York City and forms an unlikely alliance with Detective Elisa Maza to combat various threats, including Xanatos and other villains.

“Gargoyles” is renowned for its intricate storytelling, well-developed characters, and its ability to tackle complex themes such as loyalty, prejudice, and redemption. The series also delves into historical and mythological elements, weaving together a compelling narrative that appeals to both children and adult audiences.

The show’s dark and mature themes set it apart from other animated series of its time, contributing to its enduring popularity and dedicated fan following.

Despite its critical acclaim and loyal fan base, “Gargoyles” faced challenges in its later seasons, leading to its eventual cancellation after its third season. Nevertheless, the series remains highly regarded and is often cited as one of Disney’s most beloved and innovative animated shows.

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  • Keith David: Goliath, Officer Morgan, Thailog
  • Salli Richardson: Elisa Maza, Delilah, Salli
  • Jeff Bennett: Brooklyn, The Magus, Vinnie, Owen Burnett
  • Bill Fagerbakke: Broadway
  • Thom Adcox-Hernandez: Lexington
  • Ed Asner: Hudson, Jack Danforth
  • Frank Welker: Bronx, Cagney, Gilgamesh, Gilly, Boudicca
  • Brigitte Bako: Angela
  • Marina Sirtis: Demona, Margot, Yale
  • Jonathan Frakes: Coyote, David Xanatos

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