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“JONAS” is a live-action comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel from May 2, 2009, to October 3, 2010. The show stars the popular Jonas Brothers band members, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas, as fictionalized versions of themselves.

The series follows the fictional Lucas brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, who are also members of a famous rock band called JONAS. While the brothers enjoy their success as musicians, they try to lead a relatively normal life outside of their celebrity status. To maintain a sense of normalcy, they attend a private school, Horace Mantis Academy, where they attempt to blend in with the other students while keeping their true identities as rock stars a secret.

The main characters are Kevin Lucas (played by Kevin Jonas), Joe Lucas (played by Joe Jonas), and Nick Lucas (played by Nick Jonas). Additionally, Frankie Lucas, the younger brother of the band members, is portrayed by Frankie Jonas.

As the show progresses, the Lucas brothers face typical teenage challenges, such as schoolwork, friendships, and relationships, while also dealing with the pressures and demands of their music career. The series combines comedy, music, and relatable teenage experiences to appeal to its target audience of tweens and young teenagers.

Throughout the series, JONAS balances the excitement of performing concerts and recording music with the everyday situations and dilemmas faced by the band members. The brothers navigate the challenges of maintaining friendships and staying grounded in the midst of their fame.

“JONAS” features original songs performed by the Jonas Brothers, adding a musical element to the show that showcases the band’s real-life talent and charm.


Chelsea Kane, Nick Jonas, Chelsea Staub, Robert Feggans, John Ducey, Rebecca Creskoff, Nicole Anderson, Nicole Gale Anderson, Joe Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Kevin Jonas

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