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Last Updated on: April 20th, 2024

Camera Center EpcotCamera Center is a merchandise location in EPCOT. It is situated near the entrance of the park, close to the iconic Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere.

Originally a standalone shop from opening day, Camera Center was merged with Pin Traders in 2020 as part of the Future World-World Celebration transformation.

Camera Center is designed to cater to guests’ photography and tech needs during their visit to the park. The store offers a variety of camera equipment, memory cards, batteries, and other accessories for guests who may need to purchase or replace camera gear. Additionally, guests can find mobile phone accessories, chargers, and other electronic items.

The store is staffed with knowledgeable Cast Members who can provide assistance and answer questions about camera equipment and accessories. They can also provide guidance on capturing the best photos and offer tips for maximizing your photography experience in the park.

In addition to camera-related merchandise, Camera Center may offer Disney-themed photo frames, albums, and other keepsakes that allow guests to display and preserve their vacation memories.

Fun Facts

  • The Camera Center, also known as “Camera Center Presented by Canon,” was a photography-focused shop located in EPCOT’s Future World.
  • It served as a hub for photography enthusiasts, offering a wide range of cameras, accessories, and photo services.
  • Guests could explore the latest Canon camera technology, purchase film and memory cards, and even get their vacation photos developed on-site.
  • The Camera Center was a popular spot for visitors looking to capture their Disney memories with high-quality equipment and professional assistance.
  • In recent years, as digital photography became more prevalent, the shop evolved to accommodate the changing needs of guests interested in capturing and sharing their experiences.

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