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Last Updated on: April 20th, 2024

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival (Disney World)

The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival is an attraction located in the Imagination! pavilion at EPCOT, one of the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The attraction showcases a compilation of short films produced by Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, providing guests with a delightful and immersive cinematic experience.

Inside the theater, guests can enjoy a rotating selection of three animated short films, which change periodically. The films featured in the festival include a mix of beloved classics and newer releases, allowing guests to experience a variety of heartwarming, funny, and visually stunning stories in a short period of time.

The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival aims to highlight the artistry and creativity of Disney and Pixar’s talented animators and storytellers. The films often feature iconic characters and imaginative worlds, showcasing the animation studios’ commitment to storytelling and innovation.

The theater offers comfortable seating and a state-of-the-art 3D projection system, enhancing the immersive experience of each short film. The attraction is suitable for guests of all ages and is a great option for families seeking a break from the park’s outdoor activities or those looking to be enchanted by Disney and Pixar’s storytelling magic.

Fun Facts

  • The “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival” is an attraction at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, located in the Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination! pavilion. It debuted in December 2015, replacing “Captain EO,” a 3D film starring Michael Jackson.
  • This attraction showcases a rotating selection of 3D short films created by Disney and Pixar, allowing guests to experience the creativity and innovation of these studios in a unique cinema setting.
  • The festival utilizes state-of-the-art 4D effects, including wind, water, and scent effects synchronized with the films, to create an immersive viewing experience for the audience.
  • Some of the films featured in the festival have included popular titles like “Get A Horse!,” “Feast,” and “Piper,” all of which have received critical acclaim and have been shown before full-length feature films in theaters.
  • The “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival” is not just entertainment; it’s also an educational experience, offering insight into the animation process and storytelling techniques used by Disney and Pixar.

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