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Puppy Dog Pals is a wildly popular new animated children’s television show on Disney Junior, which you would think would make it a perfect candidate for the old Disney marketing machine. Not so much. Much like PJ Masks toys last year, it has taken a while for Puppy Dog Pals toys and other products to hit stores.

If your kids are as into the show as my son is, this is a tough phenomenon to explain to them. Fear not, I did some searching around and have compiled this quick rundown of the Puppy Dog Pals products I was able to find so far. As always, this will be an open post and I will be adding new toys and products as soon as they hit the shelves, so stay tuned!

Puppy Dog Pals Stuffed Animals:

Bingo Plush - Puppy Dog Pals - Small

Bingo Plush – Puppy Dog Pals – Small

Puppy Dog Pals Toys, Books and Other Products:

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