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Puppy Dog Pals  Description

Disney’s Puppy Dog Pals (Disney Junior Show)

“Puppy Dog Pals” is an animated children’s television series that premiered in 2017. It is produced by Wild Canary Animation, and the show airs on Disney Junior.

The series revolves around two adventurous pug puppies named Bingo and Rolly. These playful and energetic brothers embark on exciting missions around their neighborhood and beyond, aiming to help their owner, Bob, and solve problems for other animals in need. Along the way, they encounter various challenges, make new friends, and learn important life lessons.

“Puppy Dog Pals” features a mix of comedy, adventure, and catchy songs that engage young viewers. The show emphasizes the value of teamwork, problem-solving, and the importance of friendship. It also highlights positive themes such as empathy, kindness, and perseverance.

The lovable characters, vibrant animation, and relatable storylines have made “Puppy Dog Pals” popular among preschool-age children. The show’s playful tone and imaginative adventures appeal to young audiences and promote positive values in an entertaining and engaging manner.

With its heartwarming stories and adorable puppy protagonists, “Puppy Dog Pals” continues to captivate young viewers, teaching them valuable life lessons while providing a fun and entertaining viewing experience.

Puppy Dog Pals  Cast:

  • Harland Williams: Bob
  • Issac Ryan Brown: Bingo
  • Sam Lavagnino: Rolly
  • Tom Kenny: A.R.F.
  • Jessica DiCicco: Hissy
  • Huey Lewis: Bulworth
  • Patrick Warburton: Captain Dog
  • Jack McBrayer: Hedgie the Hedgehog
  • Yvette Nicole Brown: Daisy
  • Leslie David Baker: Frank Exposition
  • Cheri Oteri: Esther Exposition
  • Jill Talley: Cupcake
  • Mo Collins: Strider
  • Tress MacNeille: Bob’s Mom

Puppy Dog Pals  Crew:

  • Creator: Harland Williams
  • Directors: Scott Bern, Trevor Wall, Stephanie Arnett
  • Music By: Andy Bean

Puppy Dog Pals  Details:

Puppy Dog Pals  Trailer:

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Puppy Dog Pals  Episode List:
Episode # Episode Title Air Date
1a Hawaii Pug-Oh April 14, 2017
1b A.R.F. April 14, 2017
2a The French Toast Connection April 14, 2017
2b Take Me Out to the Pug Game April 14, 2017
3a The Go-Long Retriever April 21, 2017
3b Pot O’ Pugs April 21, 2017
4a A Pyramid Scheme April 21, 2017
4b Special Delivery April 21, 2017
5a Design-A-Dog April 28, 2017
5b Ice, Ice Puggy April 28, 2017
6a Free Whaley May 5, 2017
6b Putting It Together May 5, 2017
7a Hissy’s Big Day May 12, 2017
7b Go, Dog. Go! May 12, 2017
8a Pigs and Pugs May 19, 2017
8b Bob Loves Mona May 19, 2017
9a Don’t Rain on my Pug-rade June 16, 2017
9b Their Royal Pug-ness June 16, 2017
10a Scuba-Doggies June 23, 2017
10b Walking the Bob June 23, 2017
11a Hissy’s Kitty July 7, 2017
11b Polly Wants a Pug July 7, 2017
12a Leave it to Beavers July 14, 2017
12b Counting Sheep July 14, 2017
13a Captain Rolly July 28, 2017
13b The Coolest Dogs in Town July 28, 2017
14a Puzzling Pugs August 11, 2017
14b Rhapsody in Pug August 11, 2017
15a The Legend of Ol’ Snapper August 25, 2017
15b Adventures in Puppy-Sitting August 25, 2017
16a Bye Bye, Butterfly September 22, 2017
16b A Seat at the Theatre September 22, 2017
17a Return to the Pumpkin Patch October 1, 2017
17b Haunted Howl-oween October 1, 2017
18a Close Encounters of a Pug Kind October 13, 2017
18b History Mystery October 13, 2017
19a Art for Pug’s Sake November 10, 2017
19b Winter Wonderpug November 10, 2017
20a A Very Pug Christmas December 1, 2017
20b The Latke Kerfuffle December 1, 2017
21a Puggy-ology February 23, 2018
21b Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun February 23, 2018
22a The Great Pug-scape March 9, 2018
22b Luck of the Pug-ish March 16, 2018
23a The Great Shirt Rescue March 23, 2018
23b A Pugtastic Day with Grandma March 30, 2018
24a Bob’s Boomerang July 6, 2018
24b Fetch that Fish July 13, 2018
25a Electric Pugaloo July 20, 2018
25b Bingo & Rolly’s Birthday July 27, 2018

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