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Frozen: Early Science Cooking and Animal Care Mobile Game

Last Updated on: January 1st, 2019

Frozen: Early Science Cooking and Animal Care Mobile Game

If your child loved exploring Mickey’s Magical Math World, it’s time to embark on an exciting nature adventure with the latest Disney Imagicademy world of discovery and play! Frozen: Early Science Cooking and Animal Care.

• Join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and your favorite friends from Frozen as you run the new Nature Park in Arendelle!
• Help Anna and Kristoff care for a herd of adorable baby reindeer at the Reindeer Camp.
• With Olaf at your side, explore a fun selection of ingredients and tools as you cook amazing dishes for Elsa to taste in the Nature Park kitchen.

Frozen: Early Science – Cooking & Animal Care by Disney Imagicademy helps children explore these early science skills and concepts:

1. Observe an animal’s behavior to draw conclusions about its needs.
2. Understand that food, water, rest, and hygiene are important to maintaining a healthy body.
3. Explore state changes that occur when you heat or cool substances.
4. Recognize that water can change states between solid, liquid, and gas.

Frozen: Early Science Cooking and Animal Care Features:

• Reindeer Care: Use observation skills to diagnose and tend to 15+ reindeer ailments. Help Anna and Kristoff keep the baby reindeer healthy and happy!
• Cooking Creations: Experiment with 35+ ingredients and lots of preparation tools to create a delicious, healthy menu for the Nature Park. Be inspired by Oaken’s recipes, or use your creativity to cook original dishes that will impress Queen Elsa!

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