Coming Soon: Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Comic Book Series

Published on 6/9/16 by Craig Smith

Update 9/5/16: Disney Parks has released a variant cover for the Enchanted Tiki Room comic book series, some sample artwork and a synopsis of the plot.

The comic series will be presented as five unique stories that take place at the Enchanted Tiki Room which is located on an isolated island. Almost anything can happen and does on the island that is populated by talking (and singing) birds and plants and ancient Tiki gods. Stories will unfold with the arrival of new visitors to the island, and the mysteries revealed may all be connected.

Enchanted Tiki Room comic book

Image courtesy Disney Parks

enchanted tiki room comic book series

Image courtesy Disney Parks

Original Post 6/9/16: Disney announced today that they will be expanding the reach of their iconic Enchanted Tiki Room attraction by creating a new comic book series spinoff for it. The new comics, cleverly titled “Enchanted Tiki Room,” will be a five-part series and will build out the story told during the course of the attraction, developing existing characters and adding new ones.

disney enchanted tiki room comic book series cover

Image courtesy Disney

The Enchanted Tiki Room comic series will be written by Jon Adams, and drawn by Horacio Domingues with the cover artwork by Brian Kesinger. It will be released this fall and can be purchased at select merchandise shops in the Disney Parks.