Disney Launches 40th Anniversary iMessage Star Wars Stickers

Published on 4/13/17 by Craig Smith

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Disney has announced a new iMessage pack of Star Wars stickers.

imessage star wars stickersThe new pack includes 24 stickers depicting characters and scenes from the iconic film. They can be inserted anywhere within iMessages and can be used to customize photos.

Included in this special sticker set are:

1. Princess Leia “Rebel”
2. Trench scene “Almost there”
3. Luke Skywalker “I’m here to rescue you.”
4. Chewbacca
5. Han Solo “Great kid!”
6. Darth Vader “Disturbing!”
7. C-3PO “We’re doomed.”
8. Obi-Wan “Hello there.”
9. “I got a bad feeling about this.”
10. Grand Moff Tarkin “Charming to the last.”
11. Rebel symbol “Resist”
12. Greedo “Going somewhere?”
13. “Use the Force”
14. Cantina Band
15. R2-D2
16. Tusken Raider
17. X-Wing & Death Star “Yes!”
18. Cantina scene “Cheers”
19. Darth Vader “Now I am the master”
20. “Let the wookiee win”
21. Jawas “Utinni!”
22. “This bickering is pointless!”
23. Imperial Cog Symbol
24. C-3PO “Thank the maker!”

The new 40th Anniversary iMessage Star Wars stickers are $1.99 and can be purchased here.