Hawkeye (Disney+ Show)

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Hawkeye (Disney+ Show)

Hawkeye Show Details:

Hawkeye is a new series based on the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe character. It is slated to air on Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+ beginning in 2021. Not a great deal is known about the series just yet, but here is what we currently know.


  • Jeremy Renner: Clint Barton / Hawkeye
  • Hailee Steinfeld: Kate Bishop (Rumored)


  • Directors: Amber Finlayson, Katie Ellwood, and Rhys Thomas
  • Writer: Jonathan Igla
  • Producer: Jonathan Igla

Update 1/12/20: Rumors are swirling that the new Hawkeye show is on hold indefinitely.

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Fall 2021

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