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Last Updated on: March 28th, 2024

Cornelius Coot's County Bounty - Extinct Disney WorldCornelius Coot’s County Bounty was a notable shop within Mickey’s Toontown Fair at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort. This area of the park was dedicated to Cornelius Coot, a character from the Donald Duck comic books created by Carl Barks, and served as a homage to his contributions to the Disney universe. Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty was part of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, which was introduced as Mickey’s Birthdayland in 1988, later renamed Mickey’s Starland, and finally rebranded as Mickey’s Toontown Fair in 1996​​​​.

The shop was situated in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland and was known for being one of the largest gift shops on Disney property. It offered a wide variety of merchandise, including toys, apparel, and other Disney memorabilia, catering to a broad audience of Disney fans. The area around the shop, as well as the shop itself, was themed around the rich history and stories of Disney’s beloved characters, making it a significant point of interest for visitors​​.

However, in 2011, Mickey’s Toontown Fair, including Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty, was permanently closed to make room for the expansion of Fantasyland. This expansion introduced new attractions and areas like the Storybook Circus, which now houses attractions such as the rethemed Barnstormer roller coaster. Despite the closure, the legacy of Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty and Mickey’s Toontown Fair lives on in the memories of those who visited and in the spirit of the Disney parks’ continuous evolution​​.

The closure of Mickey’s Toontown Fair and its attractions, including Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty, was met with a mix of nostalgia and anticipation for the new developments that would take its place. The area underwent significant renovations, eventually reopening with new features designed to enhance the Fantasyland experience for visitors​​.

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