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Last Updated on: April 20th, 2024

Kitchen Kabaret epcotKitchen Kabaret was a former attraction located in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT. It was an audio-animatronic musical show that entertained guests with a catchy and educational performance about nutrition and healthy eating.

Kitchen Kabaret opened with The Land Pavilion in 1982 and featured a 13-minute show that combined music, humor, and colorful characters to promote the importance of balanced diets and making healthy food choices. The show took place in a theater-style setting and featured various audio-animatronic characters, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, and meats.

The main characters of Kitchen Kabaret included Bonnie Appetite, a singing hostess, and a variety of anthropomorphic food characters like Colander Combo, The Cereal Sisters, Hamm and Eggz, and The Dairy Goods.

Each character had its own musical number that showcased its nutritional value and benefits. The performances were lively and entertaining, with catchy songs and clever puns that emphasized the importance of eating a balanced diet and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Kitchen Kabaret aimed to educate guests, particularly children, about the different food groups, nutrients, and the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet. It used humor and engaging performances to make the educational content enjoyable and memorable for guests of all ages.

In 1994, Kitchen Kabaret was replaced by a new attraction called Food Rocks, which maintained a similar concept but updated the show with more modern music and a rock concert theme. Food Rocks continued to entertain and educate guests about nutrition and healthy eating choices until its closure in 2004.

Fun Facts

  1. Bonnie Appetite: The show was hosted by Bonnie Appetite, an audio-animatronic character who introduced the various acts in the revue. Bonnie was a jovial and enthusiastic character, designed to engage audiences and guide them through the show’s segments on nutrition and food groups.
  2. Musical Numbers and Characters: The show featured a variety of musical numbers performed by anthropomorphic food items and kitchen utensils, including the Cereal Sisters (singing about breakfast cereals), the Dairy Goods (a dairy-based food group act), and the Kitchen Krackpots (a band made up of kitchen utensils). Each act focused on different aspects of nutrition and healthy eating.

  3. Sponsorship: “Kitchen Kabaret” was initially sponsored by Kraft Foods, which played a significant role in the attraction’s focus on nutrition and food. The sponsorship was part of a broader partnership between Disney and various corporations to sponsor attractions within EPCOT, providing both funding and thematic content for the park’s educational goals.

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