Epcot Land Pavilion

Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2023

Epcot Land Pavilion

The Land Pavilion is a themed area located within Epcot, one of two theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. The pavilion is designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of the natural world, and features a variety of attractions, experiences, and shops that are themed around the environment and conservation.

The Epcot Land Pavilion features several popular attractions such as Living with the Land, a boat ride that takes guests through a variety of ecosystems and demonstrates how Disney is using sustainable agriculture practices and Soarin’ Around the World, a flight simulator that takes guests on a virtual journey to different locations around the world.

The pavilion also includes the Garden Grill Restaurant, a table-service restaurant that serves farm-to-table cuisine and rotates to offer guests a view of the Living with the Land attraction and the Sunshine Seasons, a quick service restaurant that features a variety of healthy and sustainable food options.

The pavilion also features a variety of interactive exhibits that showcase the latest in sustainable agriculture and conservation practices, as well as a butterfly garden where guests can observe a variety of butterfly species up close.

The Land Pavilion is a great place for those who are interested in the environment and conservation. It offers a chance to explore the beauty and diversity of the natural world in a fun and interactive way. The pavilion is designed to educate guests on the importance of preserving the planet and promote environmentally friendly practices. It’s a great place to learn more about sustainable agriculture and conservation, and the ways in which we can work to protect the environment.

Epcot Land Pavilion History:

  • 1982-1992: The Land pavilion is sponsored by Kraft Foods Inc. and features earth tone colors and exotic plant life.
  • 1993: Plans are made to update and modernize EPCOT Center, including a major refurbishment of The Land pavilion. Nestlé replaces Kraft as the sponsor. Gradual refurbishment of the pavilion begins, with cosmetic changes. Listen to the Land reopens as Living with the Land, the pavilion’s main attraction.
  • 1994: Kitchen Kabaret Revue closes and is replaced by a new show titled Food Rocks.
  • 1995: Symbiosis is closed and reopens as Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable, featuring characters from The Lion King.
  • 2003: Nestlé renews sponsorship and begins a second major refurbishment of the pavilion.
  • 2004-2005: The pavilion undergoes a major refurbishment, including a new color scheme, wider walkways, redesigned food court, updated signage, and the closure of Food Rocks.
  • 2005: Soarin’, opens in the pavilion.
  • 2009: Nestlé ends its sponsorship of The Land.
  • 2009: Living with the Land is closed for a vehicle update, increasing passenger capacity and adding wheelchair-friendly vehicles.
  • 2011: Chiquita becomes the new sponsor for Living with the Land.

Epcot Land PavilionEpcot Land Pavilion Attractions, Rides, Restaurants, Shows and Shops:

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