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Last Updated on: March 26th, 2024

Planet Watch | Disney World

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a unique and educational area located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. This area is dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation and environmental awareness, providing guests with a behind-the-scenes look at the park’s animal care facilities and conservation efforts.

To reach Rafiki’s Planet Watch, guests must board the Wildlife Express Train, which takes them on a scenic journey to the area located in the back of the park. The train ride itself is an enjoyable experience, offering picturesque views of the park’s savanna and lush landscapes.

Once at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, guests can participate in various interactive and educational experiences. The Affection Section is a petting zoo where visitors can interact with and learn about farm animals and domesticated creatures.

At the Conservation Station, guests can observe animal care professionals at work, including veterinarians and animal nutritionists, as they tend to the well-being of the animals at the park. Educational exhibits and presentations provide insights into Disney’s commitment to wildlife conservation and the important role zoological facilities play in preserving endangered species.

Additionally, guests can participate in animation classes at The Animation Experience, where they can learn to draw beloved Disney characters with the help of a Disney artist.

Fun Facts

  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a unique area within Disney’s Animal Kingdom, accessible by taking the Wildlife Express Train from Harambe Station.
  • It is themed around conservation and offers guests the opportunity to learn about wildlife, conservation efforts, and animal care through interactive exhibits and experiences.
  • One of the main attractions at Rafiki’s Planet Watch is the Affection Section, a petting zoo where guests can interact with and learn about domesticated animals like goats, sheep, and more.
  • The area also houses the Conservation Station, where guests can observe veterinary procedures, learn about animal care, and participate in educational activities led by animal experts.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch promotes an understanding of the importance of conservation and the work that goes into caring for animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and around the world.

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