Cast-to-Guest Pin Trading Returns to Walt Disney World

Published on 4/7/24 by Craig Smith

Are Disney Pins Worth Anything?In an exciting update for Disney enthusiasts and pin collectors alike, Walt Disney World has announced the return of Cast-to-Guest pin trading, a beloved activity that unites guests and cast members in a unique exchange of Disney magic. Starting today, visitors to the park can once again engage in trading Disney pins with cast members, who will be equipped with lanyards and packs brimming with collectible pins across the entire resort.


Disney Pin Trading, a tradition cherished by many, offers guests a special way to commemorate their visit, with unique pins representing everything from favorite characters to memorable Disney landmarks. For those new to the scene or wondering how to dive into the fun, Disney cast members are the go-to experts for insider tips and guidance on trading. Cast-to-Guest pin trading has been a longtime tradition in the parks, but was paused due to the 2020 pandemic. Since then, cast lanyards have been replaced with pin boards on counters.


Among the most sought-after pins are the Hidden Mickey Disney Pins, which include exclusive designs available only through cast member trades for a limited period. Later in the year, Disney plans to introduce a retail mystery pouch containing these coveted pins, plus a “chaser” pin and an even rarer “super chaser” pin in one set, adding an exciting twist for collectors.


To learn more about Disney Pin Trading, including rules and guidelines, or to find pin-spiration for starting or expanding your collection, Disney encourages guests to visit one of the many pin shopping locations across Walt Disney World or check out Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the scene, the magic of Disney Pin Trading awaits.


Happy trading, Disney fans!