The Sword And The Rose (1953 Movie)

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The Sword And The Rose (1953 Movie)

The Sword And The Rose Plot:

In Disney’s classic film The Sword And The Rose, at the royal court of Henry VIII, the King has decreed that his sister, coquettish Princess Mary Tudor, should wed the elderly Louis XII of France. But Mary falls madly in love with handsome, dashing Charles Brandon, an ambitious young man bound for America. The headstrong Mary defies her brother and leaves with Charles’ party disguised as a boy. Pursued and captured by the King’s men, Charles is imprisoned in the Tower and Mary is sent to France. Against all odds, Charles must mount a daring escape and rescue Mary, leading to the spectacular climax pitting him against the villainous Duke of Buckingham in a chivalrous duel to the death.

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Glynis Johns: Mary Tudor
James Robertson Justice: King Henry VIII
Richard Todd: Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk
Michael Gough: Duke of Buckingham
Jane Barrett: Lady Margaret
Peter Copley: Sir Edwin Caskoden
Ernest Jay: Lord Chamberlain
Jean Mercure: Louis XII
D. A. Clarke-Smith: Cardinal Wolsey
Gérard Oury: Dauphin of France
Fernand Fabre: DeLongueville
Gaston Richer: Antoine Duprat
Rosalie Crutchley: Queen Katherine
Bryan Coleman: Earl of Surrey
Helen Goss: Princess Claude

Director: Ken Annakin
Producers: Walt disney and Perce Pearce
Writers: Lawrence Watkin, and Charles Major

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