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Last Updated on: February 13th, 2024

disney photopass service memory makerIf you’ve been to Walt Disney World in the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the dozens of strategically placed cast members stationed at just the right spot to help you take just the right vacation photo. These photographers are part of the Disney PhotoPass Service, an add-on service that helps you capture your Disney World memories professionally and conveniently. Here is everything you need to know about that service.

What is Disney PhotoPass?

Disney PhotoPass is a service offered by Disney that allows guests at their theme parks and resorts to have their photographs taken by professional photographers, then view and purchase those photos online. The service uses technology such as MagicBands, Memory Maker and QR codes to link the photos to a guest’s account.

Types of PhotoPass Pictures:

There are a few different ways in which Disney helps you capture the special moments of you vacation. The first is by utilizing the previously described photographers, who are scattered throughout the parks.

Disney also captures your most thrilling moments on Disney World attractions and makes them available on PhotoPass. There are a number of rides and attractions that snap your photo during the experience and make the picture available on the service. Sometimes, you don’t even know they are snapping the pic. This makes for a great action shot that you would never be able to capture on your own.

Two additional options Disney offers are Dining and Studio photos. At some table service restaurants, like Be Our Guest, guests have the opportunity to have their picture taken with a Disney Character. This is usually done in front of a themed backdrop to make the image a bit more authentic. Alternatively, Disney Springs offers a Disney PhotoPass Service Studio to guests to have professional, themed photos taken using virtually substituted backdrops. Both of these options make for a great framed memento of your trip.

Magic Shots:

Disney also offers guests the ability to capture memories that aren’t quite there. Through the magic of augmented reality, they have created Magic Shots. Magic Shots add Disney characters and themed elements to your real PhotoPass pictures making the shot look a bit more magical. The Magic Shot options are periodically changed and often sync up with the latest Disney movie, festival, season of the year or other special occasions.

Memory Maker:

Memory Maker is Disney’s digital image download platform. For a one-time (per trip) fee, you gain the ability to download an unlimited amount of all of your vacation images and videos taken through PhotoPass. With a Memory Maker purchase, you also gain access to the previously discussed Magic Shots as well as customization options for your photos. Finally, a Memory Maker  purchase includes discounts on any photo prints you may want done.

Memory Maker currently has three price points. $185 if you purchase it 3 days before your pictures are taken, $210 if you’d like to start using the service immediately and $75 for one day of service. I should note here that a Memory Maker purchase in nonrefundable. Memory Maker can be purchased here.

Linking to PhotoPass to Your Disney Account:

There are a number of ways to link up your PhotoPass park activities with your Disney account. Doing so will allow you to access your images at a later date for downloading. You can link to your Disney account via Disney PhotoPass card, MagicBand, park ticket, Memory Maker card or annual pass.

The easiest and most convenient way to link the service to your account is by way of MagicBand. One quick scan of your MagicBand by the photographer and all your shots will be sent to your account. On attractions, Disney uses the RFD chip in your MagicBand to automatically link your action photos with your account. Pretty cool.

Where to Download Your Pictures:

As long as your Disney account was linked to the service, you can either view your photos here or you can find them right in your My Disney Experience app.

Ordering PhotoPass:

We get asked quite a bit about how to order PhotoPass. You don’t actually order the service per se, The pictures will be taken while you are at the park regardless and added to your account if it is properly linked. The cost for the service pops up when you want to do anything beyond look at the pictures online. As described above, to download, you can either purchase Memory Maker or each photo individually.


Please note: PhotoPass features and pricing are subject to availability and change without notice to this site or our readers. Please be sure to confirm all details with an official Disney Representative before making a purchase to be sure what you need is included.

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