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Last Updated on: March 28th, 2024

Snow White's Adventures - Extinct Disney World RideSnow White’s Adventures was a dark ride attraction located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Based on Disney’s first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the ride was an enchanted journey through the classic story of Snow White, following her adventures as she escapes from the Evil Queen and finds refuge with the seven dwarfs.

The attraction was opened in 1971 and was considered a classic Disney attraction and a must-visit destination for any Disney World fan. The ride was closed in 2012.

Snow White's Adventures - Extinct Disney World Ride

Fun Facts

  1. Original Design Without Snow White: When Snow White’s Adventures first opened in 1971, Snow White herself was not included in the ride. This was intentional, as the designers wanted guests to feel as if they were the main character of the story. Due to guest confusion, Snow White and additional scenes were later added in the 1994 refurbishment to make the storyline clearer.
  2. Scary Adventures: The original version of the ride was known for being quite frightening. It was initially called “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” because of its focus on the darker aspects of the fairy tale, including the Evil Queen and her transformation into the old hag. The ride’s scare factor was toned down during the 1994 refurbishment to make it more family-friendly.
  3. Interactive Elements in the Queue: After the 1994 refurbishment, the attraction featured a more interactive queue. Guests could see the Evil Queen peering out from the curtains of a window above the entrance at random intervals, adding to the eerie atmosphere even before boarding the ride.
  4. Farewell and Transformation: Snow White’s Adventures closed in May 2012 to make way for a new attraction, Princess Fairytale Hall, as part of the New Fantasyland expansion. This marked the end of the ride’s 41-year run in the Magic Kingdom, but Snow White’s legacy continued with the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in 2014.
  5. Unique to Magic Kingdom: While versions of the Snow White ride exist in other Disney parks around the world, the Magic Kingdom’s version had unique elements not found elsewhere. This included specific scenes and the overall intensity of the ride prior to its refurbishment. The changes made over the years reflected Disney’s efforts to adapt and improve guest experiences based on feedback and evolving storytelling techniques.

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