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As this website gets bigger and bigger, I am starting to get more and more questions via email and Facebook and other means asking about various Disney topics. I get a bunch of questions about Disney World and one of the most common ones I see is asking what time the Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade kicks off at.

The start time for the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade has bounced around a bit over the years. It recently returned to a 3pm start time after having been moved up to 2pm late last summer. Keep in mind that the 3pm start time is the time it kicks off from up near Splash Mountain and travels all the way to the beginning of Main Street USA, so the time you will actually see the front of the parade depends on your distance from that point on the route.

More information about the Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade can be found here.

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Update 8/11/18: It was just announced that the Festival of Fantasy Parade start time will be moved from 3pm back to 2 pm from August 17, 2018 until some point in January 2019.


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