moana disneyWho is Moana?

Moana is a lead character in the Disney hit animated film Moana. She was voiced by actress Auliʻi Cravalho.


The Collection:

Here is the Internet’s largest collection of Moana related movies, TV shows, toys and other products. As always, new pieces are added to this collection regularly.


Heads Up: Moana Debuts on Netflix Today!

Just a heads up to all of my fellow Netflix subscribers that also happen to be Disney fans, that last Winter’s smash hit animated movie Moana is now available to watch on Netflix.

Moana Comes to Netflix This Month. Find Out When

It’s now June and with the new month comes a slew of arrivals and departures on Netflix. One interesting addition on this month’s docket is the Disney hit Moana. Yes, that’s right. You’ll be able to get your Moana fix on…

Zootopia Beats Out Moana for Golden Globe

Last night’s 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony featured a Disney versus Disney showdown in the Best Animated Film category. Smash 2016 Disney animated hits Zootopia and Moana both vied for the distinction…

Moana is Cleaning House at the Box Office

Disney has been on a record-setting roll this year at the box office and the trend doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Their latest animated feature film Moana opened last week to great reviews and huge box office tallies. While the weekend continues, some Moana box office returns have surfaced and they are pretty impressive. Here is what we know:

Where to Find Moana at Disney World

With Moana killing it at the box office and interest in the latest Disney heroine at an all-time high, I have been getting a bunch of emails asking if/when/where Moana will be appearing at Disney World for meet n greets. Here is what I was able to find out:

Disney’s Moana: What We Know

One of Disney’s highly anticipated releases later on this year is “Moana,” an adventure set in the South Pacific. Here is what you need to know…