Fliks Flyers (Disneyland)

Fliks Flyers (Disneyland)

Fliks Flyers Description:

On Fliks Flyers, see the sights from a bug’s point of view aboard a whimsical “hot air balloon” made from everyday objects.

That inventive ant Flik from Disney•Pixar’s A Bug’s Life has done it again! This time he’s gathered up discarded food containers—food take-out, animal-cookie boxes and more—to make “flyers.” He then stitched together some leaves to make balloons and tied them to twigs to create whirling flying machines. Now they’re ready to take off and you’re invited to ride one!

Flight of Fancy
Make your way to a giant food container of your choice and jump in. As you lift off and begin to spin, Flik’s Flyers takes you up above the clover leaves and grassy stalks for a fabulous view of “a bug’s land.” See surrounding attractions, such as Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies and Francis’ Ladybug Boogie , and enjoy a unique bug’s-eye perspective of the world around you.

Photo by California Bear

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