Rob Roy The Highland Rogue (1954 Movie)

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Rob Roy The Highland Rogue (1954 Movie)

Rob Roy The Highland Rogue Plot:

In Disney’s classic film Rob Roy The Highland Rogue, hen German-born King George I ascends to the throne of England, he appoints as Secretary of State the villainous Duke of Montrose, whose first evil order of business is to suppress the rowdy MacGregor clan and ensure their allegiance to the new king. But the devious Secretary of State underestimates the fervent Scottish pride running deep in the veins of fiery Highlander Rob Roy and his quick-tempered compatriots!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Richard Todd: Rob Roy MacGregor
  • Glynis Johns: Helen Mary MacPherson MacGregor
  • James Robertson Justice: John Campbell
  • Michael Gough: Duke of Montrose
  • Finlay Currie: Hamish MacPherson
  • Jean Taylor Smith: Lady Margaret Campbell MacGregor
  • Geoffrey Keen: Killearn
  • Archie Duncan: Dugal MacGregor
  • Russell Waters: Hugh MacGregor
  • Marjorie Fielding: Maggie MacPherson
  • Eric Pohlmann: King George I
  • Ina De La Haye: Countess von Pahlen
  • Michael Goodliffe: Sir Robert Walpole
  • Martin Boddey: General Cadogan
  • Ewen Solon: Maj. Gen. Wightman
  • Ian MacNaughton: Callum MacGregor
  • Ted Follows: Douglas MacGregor
  • May Hallatt: Ballad Hawker
  • Hamilton Keene: Fort Commandant
  • Henry Hewitt: Lord Parker
  • Malcolm Keen: Duke of Marlborough
  • David Keir: Servant to Argyll

Director: Harold French
Producer: Walt Disney and Perce Pearce
Writer: Lawrence Edward Watkin
Music: Cedric Davie

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