The Princess Diaries (2001 Movie)

The Princess Diaries (2001 Movie)

The Princess Diaries Plot

For teenager Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway), just surviving each school day is an adventure. Then the shocking news arrives that she’s a real-life princess! So begins a comical transformation towards poise and princess-ness, including a media storm, jealous schoolmates, and a plot to take over her country in The Princess Diaries.

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Key Cast Members

  • Julie Andrews: Clarisse Renaldi
  • Anne Hathaway: Mia Thermopolis
  • Héctor Elizondo: Joseph
  • Heather Matarazzo: Lilly Moscovitz
  • Mandy Moore: Lana Thomas
  • Caroline Goodall: Helen Thermopolis
  • Robert Schwartzman: Michael Moscovitz
  • Erik von Detten: Josh Bryant
  • Patrick Flueger: Jeremiah Hart
  • Sean O’Bryan: Patrick O’Connell
  • Sandra Oh: Vice Principal Geraldine Gupta
  • Kathleen Marshall: Charlotte Kutaway
  • Mindy Burbano: Gym teacher Ms. Anita Harbula
  • René Auberjonois: Voice of Philippe Renaldi
  • Larry Miller: Paolo Puttanesca
  • Patrick Richwood: Mr. Robutusen
  • Mayor Willie Brown: Himself
  • Fat Louie: Himself

Movie Trailer

$165.3 million
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