Cinderella’s Carriage Strollers Now Available at Disney World

Published on 6/10/17 by Craig Smith

Little princesses have a fun, new way to get around Walt Disney World this summer – in strollers that look  like Cinderella’s Carriage.

Much like most Disney World stroller rentals, the new carriage-looking versions are offered through a third-party: the appropriately named Princess Carriage Rentals. Unlike many of the other stroller vendors that usually leave your stroller with the resort concierge, Princess Carriage Rentals offer  a red carpet experiences that includes a chauffeured limo trip to the park.

According to the company: “Our exclusive luxury carriage will be sure to turn heads and make your little one feel like true royalty. Each one is handmade and appears to have jumped out of the pages of a fairytale. There are no other carriages like these in the world.”

The new Cinderella strollers are now available, but they don’t come cheap. The stroller and limo ride experience goes for $299/day (Note: they are offering a $50 discount on their website for reservations made now through June 30, 2017), which is wayyy more than you pay for a standard stroller rental. That said, much like anything else that costs more than it normally would, you really are paying for more than the utility of a stroller. It is the experience and novelty that give it a premium price.

Sidenote, as a frequent traveler on the resort bus shuttles to the parks, I really appreciate that these strollers and their families are delivered to the park in a limo. Could you imagine a few of those things lining the middle of an already overcrowded resort bus???

Image courtesy Princess Carriage Rentals via Facebook