Disney Movies are Leaving Netflix!

During today’s Q3 FY 2017 earnings report, Disney announced something that will surely change the landscape of digital media distribution- They are leaving Netflix and creating their own streaming service.

disney netflixDisney will actually be creating (at least) two new streaming services: one for ESPN and one for Disney. It is expected that the ESPN service will launch in 2018 and the Disney service to follow in 2019. Obviously, Disney is not interested in competing with itself, so in a corresponding move, Disney CEO Bob Iger also announced Disney will be pulling its Disney and Pixar movies from Netflix. ABC shows and Netflix originals like Marvel’s Daredevil appear to be safe. The future of Star Wars and Marvel movies on Netflix is unclear.

Disney’s divorce with Netflix will begin in 2019 and after the split, any new Disney or Pixar release will no longer be available on the platform and will be exclusive to the new Disney streaming service.

Of course, all of this comes from a very quick announcement and there is a lot about these two new services that we don’t know yet. As always, I will be posting as more info is released so stay tuned!

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