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Last Updated on: September 30th, 2022

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Born Yesterday Description

Born Yesterday (Hollywood Pictures Movie)BORN YESTERDAY stars screen favorite Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) as Billie Dawn, a Las Vegas showgirl
whose lack of sophistication makes for some hilariously embarrassing moments in the Washington, D.C., social scene. That’s when her overbearing boyfriend (John Goodman — The Babe) hires a well-educated and handsome journalist (Don Johnson — Guilty As Sin) to smarten her up. The improbable romance that blossoms between Billie and her tutor turns all of their lives — and Washington, D.C. — upside down!

Born Yesterday Cast:
  • Melanie Griffith: Billie Dawn
  • John Goodman: Harry Brock
  • Don Johnson: Paul Verrall
  • Edward Herrmann: Ed Devery
  • Max Perlich: JJ
  • Michael Ensign: Phillipe
  • Benjamin C. Bradlee: Alex Duffee
  • Sally Quinn: Beatrice Duffee
  • Fred Dalton Thompson: Sen. Hedges
  • Celeste Yarnall: Mrs. Hedges
  • Rondi Reed: Victoria Penny

Born Yesterday Crew:
  • Director: Luis Mandoki
  • Producers: Stratton Leopold, D. Constantine Conte, Chris Soldo and Stephen Traxler
  • Writers: Garson Kanin and Douglas McGrath

Born Yesterday Details

Born Yesterday Trailer:

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