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Celebrating New Years at Disney World: What To Do?

New Years is an amazing time at Walt Disney World. As expected, Disney spares no expense to put on a first class show with a number of premium “extras” available to those that want to make the night just a bit more magical. Here is a rundown of what we currently know will be going on New Years at Disney World.

BaseLine Tap Opens in Hollywood Studios’ New Grand Avenue Area

Disney announced a few weeks back that they would be re-imagining part of Hollywood Studios and combining the Muppets Courtyard and what is left of the Streets of America into a new “Grand Avenue” area of the park. Central to this plan was the creation of BaseLine Tap, a new restaurant themed as a traditional California corner pub. Clearly, no time was wasted in getting BaseLine Tap up and operational as it is now open!

What is Disney Doing to Celebrate Epcot’s 35th Birthday?

Epcot opened at Walt Disney World on October 1st, 1982, which makes this year its 35th anniversary. With the big day fast approaching, I wanted to share this rundown which spotlights all the ways Disney will be celebrating Epcot’s 35th birthday…