The Rescuers Down Under (1990 Movie)

The Rescuers Down Under (1990 Movie)

The Rescuers Down Under Synopsis

Their next mission finds the Rescue Aid Society venturing down under to brave the Australian Outback on a quest to save a young boy named Cody and the lovely eagle Marahute from a ruthless poacher in the Disney animated classic film The Rescuers Down Under The Rescuers Down Under.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Bob Newhart: Bernard
  • Eva Gabor: Miss Bianca
  • John Candy: Wilbur
  • Adam Ryen: Cody
  • George C. Scott: Percival C. McLeach
  • Frank Welker: Marahuté
  • Tristan Rogers: Jake
  • Peter Firth: Red
  • Wayne Robson: Frank
  • Douglas Seale: Krebbs
  • Carla Meyer: Faloo
  • Bernard Fox: Chairmouse
  • Russi Taylor: Nurse Mouse
  • Peter Greenwood: The Airplane Captain

Key Crew Members:

  • Directors: Hendel Butoy and Mike Gabriel
  • Producer: Thomas Schumacher
  • Writers: Jim Cox, Karey Kirkpatrick, Byron Simpson and Joe Ranft
$47.4 million
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