LEGO Could Make a Set of Its a Small World (and you can help make it happen)

Disney LEGO Its a Small World Set

Image courtesy LEGO

Update 8/9/16: The Its a Small World LEGO set is in serious jeopardy! It currently has just 163 votes with 231 days left. That is a far cry from the 10,000 votes it needs for new set consideration.

Please vote and spread the word!

Original Post 4/3/16: A few years back, LEGO created the CUUSOO program, which gave amateur set designers the ability to create new concepts and submit for actual retail consideration by LEGO. They are put to a fan vote and a number of great LEGO sets have been created because of the program.

A few notable alumni of the CUUSOO program include the Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters, Minecraft and Back to the Future sets.

CUUSOO is now called LEGO Ideas and now has a very interesting Disney-related concept on it being voted on. A Disney fan has designed an entire It’s a Small World LEGO set.

The 415-piece set will not be considered for production unless it gets 10,000 votes supporting it. At the time of this writing, it had 361 days remaining to reach this goal.

Check the project out here and be sure to give it some support!

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