Babes In Toyland (1961 Movie)

Babes In Toyland (1961 Movie)

Babes In Toyland Description:

In Babes In Toyland, all roads lead to magical, merry Toyland as Mary Contrary and Tom Piper prepare for their wedding! But villainous Barnaby wants Mary for himself, so he kidnaps Tom, setting off a series of comic chases, searches, and double-crosses! The “March Of The Wooden Soldiers” helps put Barnaby in his place, and ensures a “happily ever after” for Tom and Mary!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Ray Bolger: Barnaby
  • Tommy Sands: Tom Piper
  • Annette Funicello: Mary Contrary
  • Ed Wynn: Toymaker
  • Tommy Kirk: Grumio
  • Kevin Corcoran: Boy Blue
  • Henry Calvin: Gonzorgo
  • Gene Sheldon: Roderigo
  • Mary McCarty: Mother Goose
  • Ann Jilliann: Bo Peep
  • Brian Corcoran: Willie Winkie
  • Marilee and Melanie Arnold: Twin 2
  • Jerry Glenn: Simple Simon
  • John Perri: Jack-Be-Nimble
  • David Pinson: Bobby Shaftoe
  • Bryan Russell: The Little Boy
  • James Martin: Jack
  • Ilana Dowding: Jill
$4.6 million
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