Big Business (1988 Touchstone Movie)

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Big Business (1988 Touchstone Movie)

Big Business Description:

In Touchstome Pictures’ Big Business, Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin — the first ladies of laughter — star in this critically acclaimed box office hit about two sets of identical twins who are mismatched at birth. Forty years later, their paths cross amid the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, and the result is unrestrained pandemonium. New York’s opulent Plaza Hotel is the setting for a wildly hilarious, classic case of mistaken identities, split personalities, and double trouble! With the unparalleled comedic talents of Midler and Tomlin, two’s company … four’s a riot!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Bette Midler: Sadie Shelton/Sadie Ratliff
  • Lily Tomlin: Rose Ratliff/Rose Shelton
  • Fred Ward: Roone Dimmick
  • Michael Gross: Dr. Jay Marshall
  • Edward Herrmann: Graham Sherbourne
  • Barry Primus: Michael
  • Michele Placido: Fabio Alberici
  • Seth Green: Jason
  • Daniel Gerroll: Chuck
  • John Hancock: Harlan
  • Deborah Rush: Binky Shelton
  • Nicolas Coster: Hunt Shelton
  • C. Quinn: Garth Ratliff
  • Joe Grifasi: Desk Clerk
  • John Vickery: Hotel Manager
  • Mary Gross: Judy
  • Carmen Argenziano – Board Member
  • Chick Hearn: as Himself
  • Don Pierson – Screenwriter
  • Marc Reid Rubel – Screenwriter
  • Shirley Mitchell – Stockholder
$40.1 million

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