Cabin Boy (Touchstone Movie)

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Cabin Boy (Touchstone Movie)

Cabin Boy Details:

Get ready for over-the-top hilarity when comedy original Chris Elliott goes overboard in this hysterical high-seas misadventure that’s sure to keep everyone laughing! Elliott stars as Nathanial Mayweather, a spoiled rich kid whose plans for a ritzy Hawaiian cruise backfire, finding him lost at sea with a gang of salty old sailors. And when his crusty cabin mates get a whiff of his highfalutin attitude, they give him every rotten chore on the boat — and take him on the wackiest adventure yet to sail the Seven Seas! Chart a course for fun with CABIN BOY — a truly wild comedy!

Key Cast:

  • Chris Elliott: Nathaniel Mayweather
  • Andy Richter: Kenny
  • David Letterman: Old Salt In Fishing Village
  • Mike Starr: Mulligan the Giant
  • Jim Cummings: the Floating Cupcake
  • James Gammon: Pappy
  • Brion James: Big Teddy
  • Brian Doyle-Murray: Skunk
  • Ritch Brinkley: Captain Greybar
  • Melora Walters: Trina
  • Russ Tamblyn: Chocki (Shark Man)
  • Bob Elliott: William Mayweather
  • Ricki Lake: Figurehead

Key Crew:

  • Director: Adam Resnick
  • Producers: Tim Burton and Denise Di Novi
  • Screenplay: Adam Resnick
$3.7 million

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