Fire Birds (Touchstone Movie)

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Fire Birds (Touchstone Movie)

Fire Birds Details:

Infiltrating hostile territory to do combat with an international enemy, the Apache task force is sent on a secret mission to Latin America. They are fighting a desperate war both on the ground and in the sky.

Key Cast:

  • Nicolas Cage: Jake Preston
  • Tommy Lee Jones: Brad Little
  • Sean Young: Billie Lee Guthrie
  • Bryan Kestner: Breaker
  • Bert Rhine: Eric Stoller
  • Dale Dye: A.K. McNeil
  • Mary Ellen Trainor: Janet Little
  • J. A. Preston: General Olcott
  • Peter Onorati: Rice
  • Gabriel López: Johny Signaleer

Key Crew:

  • Director: David Green
  • Producer: Bill Badalato
  • Screenplay: Nick Thiel and Paul Edwards
$14.7 million

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