Flora and Ulysses (Disney+ Movie)

Flora and Ulysses (Disney+ Movie)

Flora and Ulysses Details:

Disney is currently working on a movie based on the popular 2013 novel Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures that will debut on the Disney+ Streaming platform.

While not a great deal is currently known about the movie’s plot, we do know that it centers on a imaginative 10-year-old and the squirrel she saved from a tragic accident, who becomes a superhero.


  • Matilda Lawler: Flora
  • Benjamin Evans Ainsworth: William
  • Alysson Hannigan: Flora’s mother Phyllis
  • Ben Schwartz: Flora’s father George
  • Danny Pudi: Miller


  • Script: Brad Copeland
  • Director: Lena Khan
  • Producer: Gil Netter

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